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BJP District President Mangal Sahoo Joins BJD Ahead of Jharsuguda By-Election

Jharsuguda: In the run-up to the Jharsuguda by-election, the political landscape has been marked by the departure of the district BJP president, Mangal Sahoo, who left the BJP and join BJD. Sahoo made his intentions clear when he joined the BJD at a ceremony held in Sankha Bhawan in Bhubaneswar, where he was welcomed by BJD leader Manas Mangaraj. However, despite this development, the state BJP president, Manmohan Samal, remained unfazed and insisted that Sahoo’s departure would not significantly impact the party’s prospects.

Sahoo claimed that he worked hard as a disciplined BJP member to strengthen the organisation. However, the party has strayed from its core values and principles, and he feels that party workers are being neglected. Sahoo believes that more emphasis should be given to the area’s problems and development.

Samal responded to Sahoo’s departure by stating that anyone is free to join any party of their choice. He emphasized that the BJP is focused on the upcoming elections and that the party will continue to fight. Samal also highlighted the party’s belief in collective decision-making and leadership, adding that the team would decide who would take charge of the district.

Furthermore, there were violent clashes between BJP and BJD workers during the election campaign in Ward No. 20 Mangal Bazar. The BJD workers staged a protest, which led to a confrontation with the BJP workers, causing tension in the area. The situation was eventually brought under control after the police arrived at the scene. These incidents signify the political turmoil and shifting dynamics in Jharsuguda ahead of the by-election.

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