Odisha launches door-to-door IFA tablet distribution program for students during summer vacation

Jharsuguda: During the summer holidays, which began on April 21 and will continue until June 16, the school and public education departments in Odisha have instructed teachers to distribute iron and folic acid (IFA) tablets door-to-door to students in Class 1 to 12. This initiative is part of the Amlan scheme, which aims to achieve an anaemia-free Odisha.

Under this scheme, each student will receive eight IFA tablets, which will be distributed to them by their respective teachers. Pink tablets will be given to students in Class 1to 5, while blue tablets will be given to those in Class 6 to 12. It is important to note that students will take the medication in the presence of their guardians, who will ensure that they are taken as prescribed.

The current summer vacation period has been announced early due to the severe heat wave that is affecting the region. Despite the holiday period, teachers and students are required to attend school regularly. During this time, the lunch chef and helpers will continue to provide meals to students, and teachers will supervise facilities such as the gas, kitchen shed, and toilets.

No teachers or students have been granted leave during this period, as there is ongoing work related to enrollment and timetable. As such, the public education department officials have instructed teachers to be on duty after May 4. This will ensure that all necessary arrangements are in place for the distribution of IFA tablets and that students receive the support they need to stay healthy during the summer months.

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