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Brother’s pays tribute to father by feeding the hungry

Jharsuguda : It is said that feeding the hungry people is the finest service to mankind and keeping this thought in mind, a much economical meal at Rs. 10 has been introduced by businessman brothers whose intent is to open this service of humanity at heart, in their father’s memory in industrial town at Jharsuguda.

The 67-year-old Ramesh Soni and 65-year-old Ashok Soni, businessman brother duo of Jharsuguda, has come out with a mission to serve lunch and dinner to the needy person at just Rs. 10 at Mangal Bazaar area in Jharsuguda town, in the name of Ram Krishna Aahar.

The main aim for this is to continue this humanitarian works carried by their father Late Kishan Lal Ji Soni, who use to believe that no one should stay hungry, for which he uses to feed the needy people. However, after the death of father Kishan Lal ji Soni in the year 2014, this humanitarian work was being carried forward by their two sons Ramesh & Ashok Soni in his memory, who has been serving food to needy people till now.

But in order to increase the reach of the services to more needy people, they have now renovated the ground floor of their residence and set up a kitchen as well an eating area. “This service will be the greatest tribute to my father, who use to do the same for the needy people.” Said elder son Ramesh Soni

Initially, the food is prepared every day in time to meet the lunch and dinner time needs of passersby, often factory workers, autorickshaw drivers and labourers and other people from an economically stressed background.  We have kept a minimal amount charge of Rs. 10 for the food and serve Curry, Dal, two Roti and Rice and Pickle.

“There two reasons for charging this small amount and not giving away the food for free. Firstly, it ensures that the people who want to eat is accorded the full dignity of a paying customer. Once a person has paid for a meal, he or she can eat to their content. Giving away the food for free would have reduced the beneficiaries to the status of beggars, something that we want to avoid.  Secondly, the token amount ensures that there is no wastage. This is an equally important component of tackling hunger.” Said, Ashok Soni

“Presently, we started with 120 meals per day including lunch and dinner but now it has increased to around 300 meals per day. As more and more word is spreading, more people from nearby places have started coming in. We are doing as per our capacity to help the needy people.”  He added

This has been proving a boon for the needy people, like labourers and underprivileged people living nearby.

“I have been eating for two days at this place, the quality of the food is very good and even it is very cheap, which is helping me to save my bills on food too, I want to thank the owner whoever has started it,” said Sumit Kumar Sha




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