NGO CASA with Voluntary support of SEHADA distributes Medical Equipment to CHC and PHC


Jharsuguda : In the Covid response programme, CASA supported medical equipment to Khaliakani CHC, Rajpur PHC and Sripura PHC with the local voluntary support by SEHADA organization. Sanitisers, Mask, Gloves, Pulse Oximeter, Infrared Thermometer, BP monitor, Gluco metre, Respiro metre, Vaporizers, syringes have been provided by this programme. State Coordinator CASA Inakhi Patra, Director SEHADA Anandini Padhi, Programme Director Ashish Kumar Panda, Volunteer Dolamani Seth was present in the programme. On dated 29.11.21 & 30.11.21, food & non-food items have been distributed to needy people, Sewing machines, Sprayer machines, vegetable seeds to SHGs of Hirma and Marakuta G.P.