23 year old girl scripts success in Ornamental Fish business


Jharsuguda : COVID Pandemic has affected many business. Some business had shutdown, while several people have even lost their jobs. It has been economically disastrous and has shattered many but on the other, this Pandemic has also resulted in giving birth to innovative ideas, where  people are turning their hobbies into a fruitful business, especially during the lockdown. 

A 23 year old girl who is pursuing her PG in English final year in Sambalpur University , started ornamental fish breeding in last 14 months as a hobby has now successfully turned into a fruitful business. She had done more than Rs.50,000 worth business since the start of the business

Dorina Hari, said , ” We had gone to Ranchi on a holiday trip in 2018, where I had visited an Aquatic World, where I was motivated to keep fishes at my home.  I came back to home and bought few fancy fish varieties from local pet shop and slowly  those fish started breeding, seeing this I started researching regarding this on You tube and learnt the techniques for fish breeding and slowly got more fished and started to breed the fish since last year in 2019 onwards.

Presently, I am having 2 large fish tanks for Koi variety of Fish and around eight small tanks for another varieties of fish. I am having more than 10 fancy fish breeds are present with me i.e. Mollies, Guppies, Indian Koi Fish, Blue & Gold Gourami, Neon Tetras, Red Platy, Gold Variety, Lichu Gold Fish, Japanese Koi etc.

The first sale of my fishes was done by one of my friend who happened to visit my fish tank present on my backyard garden and he saw these fishes and offered to purchase it. After which, few people started coming down and purchasing it. Even during the lockdown , I had make around Rs. 15,000 worth sales by selling these fancy fish to the customers, who visited and purchased it from me.  

Since the start of this hobby, I have made Rs 50,000 just selling these fishes. However, I had not advertised initially, but after getting the initial two to three responses, I took up this business on social media and promoted it there where people got to know regarding the fancy fishes,  even two  buyers had came to me and bought it and it was a good response which encouraged me.

In this my parents stood as a supporting pillar who had guided me and supported me financially and encourage me to take this business higher, after which I was able to achieve this .

Now, I am planning to grow this business. I have already planned two new Fish tanks in my garden, where I have planned to put in some new varieties of fishes, which is rarely available in local market

“Actually, We support her always in whatever she wants to pursue. We think that if someone won’t try then how can he or she will learn or become successful. We were very happy when she started getting response in turns of sale especially during lockdown.” said David Hari, the father of Dorina Hari

This hobby also gives a mental peace as whenever you feel stressed you come down and feed the fish you will be fully relaxed. he added

“As a mother, I have always supported her ideas, and I am happy that she has achieved success.” said Serly, mother of Dorina Hari