Cargo Trailer Review: A Sci-Fi Tale Of Life And Love Beyond Death on September 9

After the Mirzapur Web series’s colossal success, Shweta Tripathi and Vikrant Massey will be seen again in the upcoming Netflix original, Cargo. 

Never seen before in the 21st century, the Hindi producer and filmmaker are trying their hands in something new at the Sci-fi mythology film. It is produced by names like Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, known for critically acclaimed cinema. Arati Kadav has written and directed CargoThe movie is gearing up for a Netflix release on September 9.

The trailer follows the life of Prahastha (Vikrant), a rakshasa. A modern human being who is walking, talking, 24/7 desk job holding human. His ‘Post-Death Transition Serves’ job is to unload ‘cargo,’ Floating along somewhere at a station called Pushpak 634A, where the human comes after death. The job assigned to him is to recycle the dead human, heal them, and erase their memories.

But everything changes when Shweta Tripathi enters as Yuvika Shekhar, Prabhasta’s assistant. Both work together as an employee on repairing the human soul before reincarnation. While doing so, Yuvika keeps questioning Prabhasta about life, death, and mythology.

Cargo seems technological, funny, and exciting. The best thing about the trailer is it doesn’t promise anything loud. It is set to gentle music and is full of conversation. Cargo is going to be a great watch and should not be missed, whether you are a fan of Vikrant Massey or Shweta Tripathi or not.

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