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Woman allegedly died to unavailability of blood at Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital

Jharsuguda : A 30-year old woman allegedly lost her life on Monday night at District Headquarter Hospital due to unavailability of blood at the Jharsuguda District Headquarter Hospital.

The new Jharsuguda District Headquarter Hospital which was shifted to Malimunda but the Blood Bank is still being operating at Mangal Bazaar which is nearly 8 Kilometer away from new District Headquarter Hospital.

The woman was identified as Sobha Pandey, is survived by four children’s i.e. 9years old son, 7years old daughter, 4years old son, one and half month baby girl and her husband Sunil Pandey (32), who hails from Balia, Uttar Pradesh and had come to Bandhabahal nearly 3 years ago and was working as a labourer in Mines. 

The woman had recently given birth to a baby girl in the month of March and was unwell since then. As her husband was also not working and after the announcement of Lockdown, it was difficult to return back to their native place. Meanwhile, on 4th may she felt uneasy and was admitted to Jharsuguda District Headquarter Hospital.  

“After the admission of my wife, doctors said to arrange blood for her but I was unable to get any blood as there was no blood bank in hospital. There was one which was very far. I asked if there is a possibility, please take my blood and exchange it and save her. I had even rang 104 helpline number but nothing helped. If there was no lockdown, I would have gone back to my native place along with my wife and get her treated by selling my farmland in Uttar Pradesh. I only regret that if I got the blood then I could have saved my wife.” said Sunil Pandey with tearful eyes.

“We received the information about this case we immediately sent a team and took the three children to Child care institution and the younger child is almost one and half month so we have a place in a special adoption agency. So betterment of child we have kept them along with us. after lockdown whenever he wants he can take it” said CWC Chairperson Anandini Padhee


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