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Brajrajnagar Police arrest man for creating fake social Account of neighbour to take revenge

Jharsuguda : Brajrajnagar Police on Sunday arrested a 41-year-old man of Brajrajnagar area for allegedly creating fake social media (Facebook) ID of his neighbours’ sons to take revenge. The accused had quarrelled with the complainant over the construction of a drain in front of the house and he had prepared fake ID to take revenge from him.

Police identified the man as Gaurango Sharma, a resident of Lamtibahal of Brajrajnagar.

As per the complainant, Keshav Prasad Gupta said, ” In the year 2016, the accuse, Gaurango Sharma and I had an altercation regarding the construction of a drain in front of the house and after altercation, the drain was constructed, we had forgotten the matter also. However, I later came to know that someone had made  fake ids in the name of my both sons and had posted obscene pictures as well as used slang language to their friends. In this regards, I had filed a complaint at Brajrajnagar Police station in the month of April 2018, after which he has been arrested today.”

Accused Gaurango said he resided next to the complainant house. He had an altercation with Keshav Prasad Gupta over the construction of a drain. Since then he was trying to take revenge from Keshav. So, he prepared the fake id.

Jharsuguda Superintendent of Police Aswini Kumar Mohanty said, “After receiving the written complainant in the year 2018, the officials had been investigating the matter. During the investigation, it was found that the fake profile on social media (facebook) was created by the accused Gaurango Sharma, a resident of Lamtibahal of Brajrajnagar for taking revenge from the complainant for some issue. He has been arrested on Sunday.”


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