Jharsuguda: A Miscreant who tried to siphon off the money by taking advantage of the two ladies, inside the Bank of India, Beheramal on Friday lands on Police net.

As per reports, at around 3.05 pm afternoon on Friday, two ladies had visited the Bank of India to withdraw some amount. While they were at the cash counter to withdraw the amount the miscreant was also present and as soon as the money was received by the two ladies, he offered to help them by counting the notes on the pretext that the currency might be duplicate and he will identify it. While he was counting the notes he kept half of the notes inside his back pant pocket and was trying to run away, which was seen by the ladies who also tried to take their money back.

The victim Bhagwati Singh, a resident of Malimunda said that” I along with my friend had come to withdraw Rs. 45,000 when a youth had offered to count my money forcefully, as soon as I withdraw the cash near Cash counter itself, while he was counting I saw he kept half of the money inside his back pocket and given half and when asked he tried to run away. “

Kirtiram Kharsel, Security of Bank of India, ” At around 3.05 pm, a youth was forcefully asking money at the counter no. 1 and the ladies had raised their voice, the miscreants had run away from the bank and had boarded a bus but when I shouted at the bus, the bus again dropped him and he ran and got stuck inside a house boundary which was later handed over to the police officials.”