Children plays one day Traffic Police


Jharsuguda : As the summer holiday kicks in , several institutes and organisation conduct Summer Camps. These Camps hold Art, Drawing and various other programme for the students. Similarly, The Family Welfare Club of OSAP 2nd Battalion had organised 6th Summer Camp for the Children’s of the OSAP.

But this Summer camp was little unique, Apart from providing art, Drawing, Karate etc classes, The organizer had also included a Traffic Awareness Programme for the children. The children holding a placards had requested the commuter to follow the Traffic Rules and Regulation. These students had gathered near Mahatma Gandhi  Statue, near Bus stand and had created the awareness.

Among them, two children were also been dressed in Traffic Police uniform and had been stopping the commuter and advising them to follow the Traffic rules.

They felt very good in doing this and hoped that the commuters will follow their request.

However, the OSAP Commandant Asish Dubey said that, “Everyone conducts Summer classes but we thought of having a Traffic Awareness programme in our Summer Classes . So even the children could learn the importance as well as the commuters. So to create an impact through these children we had conducted this.”