Man on a mission to save stray cattle at Jharsuguda


Jharsuguda: In a novel step, a 30-year-old man is on a mission to prevent accidents occurring by the cattle’s during night time by tying a cattle reflector belts over the neck, specially made by him.

RanjitUpadhyay (30), a resident of Hota Colony, Sarbahal, has made his own cattle reflector band using radium stickers pasted over the belt and has been tying the belt around the neck of the cattle so that, the animals can be easily identified from a distance and preventing accidents. So, far he has successfully tied the belt on more than 150 cows.

“I use to see many cattle’s squatting and sitting over the road during the monsoon season, thus blocking the roads and creating a problem for the commuters travelling. Once I saw a cow was hit by some vehicle some time back and was limping and crossing the road, this moved me and that day I thought to do something for them. Especially for the cattle’s which are black and red in colour and are hardly visible in nights.”

After a lot of brainstorming, I procured a belt and applied a radium sticker over it initially, but later changed to a Reflector sticker material generally used on the back side of Trucks. Now people travelling can easily see identify them and avoid them from being hit, especially in the night time. The total cost of one belt cost is around Rs. 40, which is borne by me. After seeing me while applying the belts to the cattle, even one of the shopkeeper has offered materials free of cost for making belts.

“When I saw initially I was wondering why the man is tying up a belt around the cow, but later came to know about his noble cause. So, I extended my contribution by providing belt free of cost so that he can be successful in his mission,” said Gopal Didwania, Shop owner.

“It’s a very good initiative, people should support the noble cause and protect the divine even Jharsuguda Municipality should come forward and help him,” said Suresh Tulshyan, a resident of Marwaripara

“He is doing a wonderful job, by this, he is not only saving the precious life of animals but also the peoples who meet accident due to this. I will be really honoured to extend my support him in his noble cause, in whatever manner he wants,” said Jhasuguda Municipality Chairman Harish Ganatra