Youths Initiative in saving lives by using Whatsapp Group


Jharsuguda: While there is a growing debate over the negative impact of social media on the youths and the students, A group of youths in Jharsuguda made the Whatsapp, a platform to save a life. The youths have created a what’s app group called ” Please donate blood ” to save the life by donating blood to the needy.

The group was created eight months ago, by a 29-year-old youth Sangram Mohanty first initiated the step.

Sangram zeal for the mission stems from an incident when he once visited Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital for some work, where he saw a man from Laikera village was enquiring about the blood, which he needed for his son, who was admitted to the hospital. He was unable to get the blood as usually Blood bank gives the blood bank in exchange for blood. So, when I saw, I had voluntarily donated the blood for him and got blood for his child in exchange from the blood bank.

Seeing the struggle of people in getting blood in the very short span of time had made me step forward from an individual blood donor to one having friends who are ready to roll up their sleeves to donate blood even for the strangers. Initially, we were around 20 youths with whom I shared this idea and started this group and at present, there are more than 200 members in this group who are donating blood for the others. In future, I want to increase this group to people outside the town too.

“Nowadays, Whatsapp group is junked with all kinds of unnecessary messages like Hello, Good morning etc. Initially people also unknowingly posted unnecessary messages in our group, after which we laid down strict rule to warn and remove such person if they violated the rule to make this group more effective,” said Sangram Mohanty

“A person can donate blood 3-4 times a year. Blood donation is the biggest gift one can give to the society. A unit of whole blood actually saves at least three lives once from its primary components that areRed blood cells, plasma and palettes. Presently, we plan to add more volunteers from other parts of the state to our Whatsapp group, which would help to save precious lives of others.” said Arabinda Barik, another youth volunteer of this group.