Mykids School Students excels in Abacus Competitions


Jharsuguda : The Student of My kidz School, Mangal Bazaar, had excelled in the 11th ICMAS District Level ABACUS an Easy Maths Championship 2017 held at Nashik on 10th September.

Around eight students had taken part in two categories i.e. Super Junior Level – I and Super Junior Level – II Category.

List of the Winners

In Super Junior Level I

  1. Dhrumi Patel With Abcasus Second and Without Abacus First
  2. Uditi Agarwal with Abacus Third
  3. Devyansh Balodia bagged third with Abacus

In Super Junior Level II

  1. Tejas Das with Abacus and Without Abacus First
  2. Tanush Das with Abacus Third
  3. Srinika Tripathy Second Runner Up without Abacus
  4. Dipti Sharma, First Runners up without Abacus
  5. Consultation Prize Guransh Singh Chawla without Abacus