Age doesnt deter this 69-year-old from quenching thirst of people


Jharsuguda:The desire to work for the people and help them in the time of need has made the 69 years old man, Vidya Prasad Sharma of Belpahar in Jharsuguda district a household name.

Despite the old age, Sharma thinks it to be his duty to quench the thirst of the people in the searing heat. He has opened water kiosk in front of hishouse. He offerswater to the people who venture out in this scorching heat. Age has never become a barrier for this retired employee of Tata Refractory’s limited of Belpahar to be Good Samaritan.I get satisfaction by serving the people, said Sharma.

Sharma said, Once I saw a couple with the small kid walking on the road in front of my house. They were totally exhausted. I asked them to take a rest under my house shed and offered them water. I saw the contentment on the faces of the trio while they were drinking water. And on that day, I decided to open my own Water Kiosk for the needy people.

I have arranged two earthen pot and fill water every day. I keep pots inside an old cooler to keep the water cool.”

“Earlier, we use to have lots of trees nearby the road but due to the widening of the road, thousands of the trees were removed. This has made the commuters face great difficulty in commuting in this summer,” he adds

“We really appreciate the good work of Mr Sharma, otherwise today in this materialistic world who has time to think for others,” said Subash Pradhan, Social worker, Belpahar

Loknath Tiwari, Executive Officer, Belpahar Municipality, “We have already provided various water kiosks from the Belpahar Municipality side. However, If someone needs to have more water kiosks for the benefits of people we are ready to open more numbers of water kiosks. “