Selfie claims life of Diploma engineering student on Jharsuguda railway track


Jharsuguda: An apparent craze for ‘selfie’ over a goods train at the railway track at Baljori area in Jharsuguda turned fatal for a student of Jharsuguda Engineering School. The incident took place around 9.00am on Friday However, the incident was reported at around 10:30 am, railway police here said.

Railway police identified the victim as Rajpal Gaurav Patra, 20, and one other colleague who was injured as Lokesh Dash (20), both second-year Diploma of Civil Engineering stream at the Jharsuguda Engg. School. While Rajpal is a resident of Koraput, Lokesh is a resident of Bolangir. Rajpal, Lokesh were friends and were regularly go for jogging near the Baljori area from their rented accommodation near the Engg. school. On fatal Friday morning also they had gone for jogging near the Baljori area and at around 9.00 morning the incident took place. Devendra Naik, S.I, Govt. railway police said.

Observing that the spot where the incident took, Naik said that apparently, Rajpal looking at a stationary oil tanker goods train which was standing at the tracks for the signal he had tried to climb over the oil tanker, in which he had come in contact with the over-head High tension wire which had burnt him and throwing him down near the railway tracks. While the other colleague Lokesh, who was also with him had also received some shock leaving him injured. However, at the time of the incident, some locals had spotted the incident and had shifted likes to Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital.

“We have already informed the parents of the deceased family members. Once they arrive we would conduct Post Mortem and hand over the body to the family members. We are yet to question the other colleague Lokesh as he has been injured and admitted at Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital. Once he’s able to speak we would get to know the exact incident.” said Devendra Naik, S.I. Govt. Railway Police.