Jharsuguda Tehsil locked down by Advocates in demand of Shifting of Tehsil to old Vacant Collectorate Office


Jharsuguda: Jharsuguda District lawyers association on Saturday had locked out Jharsuguda Tehsil Office in demand of shifting of present Tehsil Office to the Old Collectorate Office.

“The main reason for the lockout of Tehsil office is that the present Tehsil office is been situated at a very far distance, due to which many persons and advocates are facing problems in getting their work done. Three months back we have also written to local representatives, Dist. Collector, ADM, Revenue Minister regarding this problem but after no response, we are forced to take this action. If the Tehsil office is at one place than various problem would be sorted out, Tehsil will remain closed till our demands are fulfilled.” said Jharsuguda Dist. Bar President Raghumani Patel

“The system in which they should be functioning, they are not doing their job due to which the local person has been facing problems in getting land pattas and certificates. We had given a petition to the previous collector also for shifting of this Tehsil Office in the old vacant Collectorate Office as the both Tehsil and Collectorate is at two different location due to which people are facing problems. Till now no action has been taken. If the government wants to sort out then the matter will be sorted out quickly but if it doesn’t then this will be prolonged. ” said Tileshwar Singh, Secretary, Jharsuguda Dist. Bar President.

“Due to the net connectivity issue in the Jharsuguda Tehsil Office, the process of online mutation is getting delayed due to which the advocates of Jharsuguda Bar Association on Saturday locked out the office and demand for the shifting of the Tehsil Office. I have already requested the Revenue Department through Dist. collector for enhancing the net connectivity for the Tehsil office as well as to the RI Level office so that the online mutation work gets done in time.” said Jharsuguda Tehsildar Bhavesh Naik