Eunuchs starts campaigning for their candidate


Jharsuguda: Jharsuguda Municipal Election is been a centre of discussion right from the day when the nomination was filed by an eunuch Sanatan Kumbhar, who is contesting municipal election as an independent candidate from ward No. 20. This is the first time in history of Jharsuguda that a eunuch is contesting municipal election this time. It has already added some colors to the municipal council election.

Beside political parties who are busy in their campaigning, there is another candidate who has become the centre of attraction for the people of Jharsuguda. Sanatan Kumbhar, who is also been campaigning at her respective ward from the past few days. For this campaign, several eunuchs from all over India have been camping at Jharsuguda to support their communitys only candidate.

Eunuch from Delhi, Rajasthan, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, Titlagarh, Bolangir etc have already joined his campaigning and have been pleading people from door to door to their to cast their votes in favour of their candidate .

I have stood for poor people of my ward no. 20, who have been neglected; I want to work for these people so that I can earn some good name by doing good work. Every member of my community has been contributing for funds for my campaign. I have left the decision of winning and losing over to god and want blessing from the people. Says Sanatan

Saloni, who have come from Delhi specially to support her, says that, My sister has been standing in election and I would request all people of her ward to give her one chance.

Another eunuch who has come from Rajasthan Bulbul says that, I have come to support her and I am very much confident that our sister will surely win.

Madhu from Titlagarh says that, I have come here to support my guru who is standing in this election from Ward. No. 20. He would surely win as we dont have any son, daughter, family, we have stood only for community service. People are giving chance to ladies and gents let this time people give one chance to us and make our guru win. He would surely fulfill peoples expectation