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Dist. Adminstration’s Drive to keep stray Cattles away from the Roads

Jharsuguda: The cattle menace on main roads has intensify with the arrival of monsoon. Cows and bulls freely roam on the main road of Jharsuguda and cause obstacles in the movement of daily commuters.

It is a common sight to see stray cattle loitering around and even occupying the middle of the road. This disrupts traffic flow and often leads to many accidents. Many times, bulls lock horns on the roads and pose threat to the lives of the passersby. The municipal corporation has paid no heed to the nuisance.

Cattle do not sit in slushy or wet areas during the monsoon. Therefore, they prefer to sit on roads which drain out quickly. A major threat to citizens is due to straycattle sitting on various places such as Sarbahal Chowk, Jhanda Chowk, Purnabasti Chowk, Dharmashal Chowk, Station Chowk etc

Many times commuters have also met accidents due to this.

Arjun More, a resident of Jhanda Chowk says that “The cattle problems have been a long time problem and due to which many inconvenience has to be faced by the Commuters.”

Suresh Tulshyan, daily commuter says, “Many times when the street light is not functioning, it is very difficult to identify the cattle sitting over the road, which leads to accidents.”

 Bull fights in the middle of road, becomes a life threat for the nearby commuters as well as the shop keepers. Such sights have become common.

 However the Executive Officer of Jharsuguda Municipality M. Srinivas said that, “We are making arrangements to make an announcements for the cattle owners and request them not to leave their cattle’s on road and if they do so then they have to pay a fine for it.”

 Not only this Dist. Administration has proposed to implement, one side parking, garbage collection twice a day. It has also instructed the Police Officials to strictly vigil people who are breaking traffic rules.

Dist. Collector Smt. Guha Poonam Tapas Kumar ,”Jharsuguda is an upcoming Municipality; it gives very bad impression to the outside people who came here and witness these cattle on the road. So, we have taken a strong decision in the meeting in presence of various citizen from Jharsuguda that, A mic publicity will be done again for the cattle owners, even advertisement will be put on but if still the people would leave there cattle’s , then the cattle’s will be  kept in Goushal intially and would be auctioned.”


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