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5 Lakhs were looted from two contractors in two separate incident held today


Jharsuguda : Nowadays news of money lifting by breaking bikes dickey have becomes a routine affair. In two separate cases today around 5 lakhs rupees were lifted from two different people.

One incident took place at Bus stand around 12. P.M. when a civil contractor Basant Maharana of Aditya Birla along with his office colleague and driver had withdrawn amount of Rs. 3 Lakh from Axis Bank and had kept their cash under the seat of the car left their Scorpio Car (OD-02B 5551) and went for shopping in Bus stand and on the retuned they found their glass broken and the money was lifted by some miscreants.

In another incident, Susshant Kumar Patel of Laikera who is also a contractor with PWD had withdrawn Rs. 2 Lakhs from SBI and was heading towards Beheramal along with his colleague Baikunta Babu and kept his money in his bikes dickey and had stopped for quenching his thirst with soda shop, when a unidentified person broke in the dickey and lifted his money and ran and sat on his partners bikes waiting to take him in just few meters.  Similarly, fifteen days back also one of the contractor’s money was lifted from his Maruti car near SBI Main Branch.

Jharsuguda SDPO Fagua Singh Said that “We request all the public who are going to the bank and withdrawing amount , should know about such incidents are happening and should not keep the cash inside the car or in the dickey and go for shopping . They should be more cautious in handling it.”



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