MMS clip goes viral in the town


Jharsuguda: A MMS clips of engineering couples has gone viral in the district. This Clip contains obscene video of these couples. According to the sources, 3 girls among which two are from a pvt. engineering college along with one college going girl have been filmed by their boyfriends which has gone viral in the city and is being circulated from one cell phone to another.

Generally girls are lured by the youths in their love affair and later on take advantages of this and make such MMS clips which are used to Blackmail the girls and even their family and if they fail to Blackmail they also use internet to upload these clips.

In this Clip the two engineering girls studying at one of the Pvt. Engineering school at nearby Jharsuguda Dist. and the third girl belongs to a college were seen in objectionable position with their partners.

As per past record these things are not new things in Jharsuguda. Previously also such types of MMS scandal had rocked Jharsuguda. Anti social youths usually lure girls in context of love affair and takes advantage and make these MMS Clips. Which in later, they use this to blackmail them for personal favours. It has also been heard that these youths uses these girls for getting benefits from officers and contractors.