Odisha Bandh Observed by Jharsuguda Congress

Jharsuguda: Public transport, School, Colleges and various financial institutions were shutdown on Monday and trains stranded as the Congress called for a dawn-to-dusk shutdown to protest police excesses on its workers during a party rally in state capital last week.

In this regards, the Jharsuguda Congress workers and supporters had shut down the whole district. Public transport was badly affected in several places as many buses and taxis went off the roads. Two trains were stranded at Jharsuguda railway stations as Congress workers squatted on railway tracks.

Jharsuguda Bandh led by the Jharsuguda MLA Naba Kishore Das while speaking to the press has said that “As you are seeing that we have got a very good response today by the people who have come in to support this Bandh. Not only Jharsuguda but Laikera , Kirmira , Kolabira all have supported us. Naveen Government who had used police force against the Congress workers was not correct so this bandh had been called in to protest that. We are allowing people with Medical Emergency. We don’t want to give any trouble to people.

When a question asked that if this Bandh is a warm-up exercise before the upcoming election 2014, Naba Das replied that “Coming 2014 Elections, I assure you that congress flag will be on the Secretariat and the “Vijay Yatra” will start from Jharsuguda itself.

When a question was asked about the Police constable case, he added that “Meeting was going on and the police had started beating the congress workers and one more thing why CCTV was installed on that day and why so many years it has not been installed. This is pure Conspiracy against the congress. It is a pre-planned game to blame congress.

On question asked about the provoked speech by Jagdish Tytler , “Who told that he has given a provocative speech. He has told congress workers “Gherao Karo” it is not provocative words. It does not mean to do violence. He was asking his supporters to “Bandh Karo” and moreover beforehand we have told that we will observe a peaceful Bandh. They have interpreted wrongly but we condemn the incident and people who have done this. Congress worker are not involved in this attack. Whoever has done this are anti social elements.

Overall in Jharsuguda district the Bandh was a successfully observed by the Congress, Several Congress supporters were arrested by the Jharsuguda Police Officials where the Jharsuguda S.P. K.s. Kanwar , SDPO , Fagua Singh , OIC Uma Shankr Maharana along with heavy police force deployed at various places to avoid un-circumstances incident.


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