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Jharsuguda Police recovers stolen money from ATM, arrest one

Jharsuguda: Jharsuguda Police have arrested one accused and have managed to recovers all money which was stolen from Indian bank ATM on 3rd September 2012.

According to police, On 3rd September night the money was stolen from the Indian Bank’s ATM located at Kishan Chowk , Beheramal. Initially, this theft case was looking little complicated but soon after leads, the police was confident that this might be the case of some insider.

Soon after the investigation and interrogation of the bank officials it was learnt that the Key of the ATM and banks was being handled by one Part Time sweeper Amit Kumar Binay. Amit use to handle all keys and also assist bank officials in filling the cash in the Bank’s ATM. He was well aware of location where the keys were kept. Not only this shockingly he even known the 12 digit Confidential Key by which ATM can be unlock for filling of Cash. On 3rd Sept. night seeing the opportunity, the sweeper had stolen the ATM key and had locked the ATM partially so that it can be easily opened at night. As shown in the CCTV footage, the accused Amit came at 2.28 A.M. in night with his face covered and turned the CCTV camera to the wall side and with the help of key he opened the ATM machine and managed to take 500 denominations Cash Box with him. After this he has closed the whole ATM as it was earlier. Then he has gone to the terrace of the building and has unlocked the Cash tray with the key and took away the cash in a bag and threw the box in-between AC unit installed. After this incident he went to his village in Ramtilemal under P.S. Kuchinda on that day.

But when he returned to Bank on 4th September, He had kept the key which was along with him inside a toilet so that no one can suspect his involvement. But when he was taken for interrogation he spilled the beans in front of the police officials and accepted to have committed this crime.

Police have managed to recover 5,78,000 from 5,81,000 money which was stolen where three thousand  was spent by the accused. He has been forwarded to the Court Under IPC 457 and Case No. 333

SDPO Fagua Singh, IIC Amitav Panda, Town OIC Uma Shankar Maharana were present in the press conference held in Police Head Quarters.

Jharsuguda S.P. K.S. Kanwar have said that “ The Bank officials should be cautious about the staffs and should take precautionary measures while handling confidential keys of the banks and should never disclose to any other unauthorized person. In this context I have called in meeting with all the bank officials in the district.”


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