Punjab Bank launches Cash Deposit Kiosk Machine which is first in the Jharsuguda district


Jharsuguda: Jharsuguda Branch of Punjab National Bank has recently introduced a Cash Deposit Kisok Machine which was inaugurated by Dist. Collector Guru Prasad Mishra in presence of Staff and banks customers. This Machine is very useful for the customer of the bank for deposit of cash. This machine credits the account of the beneficiary instantly on tendering the cash in the cash deposit kiosk machine. PNB, Jharsuguda is the first bank which has started this cash deposit machine for the convenience of the general customer in the city who uses to come and wait in queue. The customer can deposit the money in the machine and credit to any account of the PNB customer in the country. The Customers of the bank hailed for innovative service launched by PNB, Jharsuguda.

According to the Branch Manager Aditya Padhi, This Cash Deposit Machine is very useful and helpful for people who come in the branch for cash deposit they can avail this service and save their valuable time. Customer has to simply fill its account number into the system and his account details would displayed on the screen and then he can place his money and receive a receipt of the deposit. Moreover the amount would reflect instantly in his account. This service is from 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. and at one go only 30 notes can be deposited of various denominations. This machine would not accept the fake notes and would be returned by the machine itself.