Famous Kurkurjanga Rath Yatra Kicks Off from Today


JHARSUGUDA : As per the ancient tradition of Utkal the reigning deities of Puri Shri Jagannath Temple, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra & Devi Subhadra visit the house of their aunt (Mousimaa) in the respective Chariots namely Nadighosa, Taladwhaja & Darpadalana through the Badadhanda on the 2nd day of the bright lunar fort night of the month of Asdha and return to Shree Mandir on the 10th day of the bright lunar fortnight. This festival known as Rathajatra is observed through out Orissa and also in many places outside Orissa.

In a small village known as Kukurjanga, 7 kms away from Jharsuguda some specialties are observed in the Rathajatra festival. Here every year, the Rathajatra starts from 2nd day of the bright fortnight of Ashada, but the Bahuda Jatra continues up to the Ashada Purnima.

In the Kukurjanga village under the erstwhile Rampur Jamindari, the Jagannath temple had been constructed in the 17th Century and since then the Rathajatra festival is organised every by the Managing Committee. The Rath of Kukurjangha is a massive structure with 16 wheels.

Thousand of pilgrims from the nearby areas assemble at Kukurjangha to witness the gala Rathajatra Festival every year.