BJP Jail Bharo Andaloon on Price Rise and Corruption


Jharsuguda: More than 400 members and workers of Bharatiya Janta Party organized a motorcycle rally from its BJP Office situated at Sarbahal to Jharsuguda Collectorate Office. BJP workers had shouted slogan against the Congress government and protested the recent price hike on fuels. A meeting was held in front of the Collectrate Office where Suresh Pujari, told that today the price rise of necessary commodity has put burden on the heads of poor people because of which they have been badly suffering plus the corruption case in central and state government have pushed the people to take the right decision and I am sure that in next election people will vote against the UPA government.
Dinesh Jain , BJP State Executive President, Suresh Pujari, Ex- Rajya Sabha and BJP Party President , Murari lal Tulshyan , Vice Chairman Jharsuguda Municipality, Pramod Kumar Senapathy ,BJP Dist. President Prasanta Moharana , Jharsuguda BJP Town President, Naresh Nayak , Kailash Nayak , Ex-Chairman Belpahar NAC ,Arun Behera Dist. Vice president ,Deepak Kumar Patel , BJP Dist. Sec , Anil Goyal , Biju Sarangi , Shyamal Nayak along with many BJP workers had been arrested.