Rs. 2.90 Lakhs looted from Shriram Vehicle Finance Office , BTM


Jharsuguda : Today around 12.30 a.m. Shriram Vechile Finance Office was looted by 3 unidentified person in abroad daylight . These men were armed and were carrying revolvers along with them. This Finance company is located in B.T.M. Chowk which is not so far from B.T.M. Chowk Police Station. Shriram Finance Office was running its office like day to day. But suddenly arounf 12.30 a.m. these mens entered this office and threatened all 10 employess who were working here along with few customers who were also present at this moment.

Asdescribedby the office staffs, among three of them one was wearing Helmet and other 2 were not. They firstthreatenedeveryone and collected all mobile phones of customers as well as office staffs and then asked them to put there head down and collected 2.90 lakhs of cash from the cash section and closed windows and shutter of the office before fleeing away the place.

After few minutes , the Police were informed by the office staffs , Police arrived the spot and started investigation. Jharsuguda S.P. Shri Karmesh Kunwar also visited the Spot . At Present Police is tracing all the mobiles which was collected by these culprits.

Seeing thisbroad daylight dacoity , various Financial institutions which are situated in Jharsuguda and are located outer of the city arealarmed.