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TRL Krosaki takes a giant leap towards sustainability by switching over to use of cleaner fuel

Jharsuguda : TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited, as part of its commitment towards conducting business in a sustainable way, has taken a massive step forward by introducing Natural Gas in place of Furnace Oil, High Speed Disel, Coal, etc. as a fuel in its thermal units. The use of Natural Gas, being a cleaner fuel, shall be maximized across all kilns and furnaces, thereby eliminating and minimizing use of other conventional fuels. The primary objective of this switchover is to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment.

The company signed the Gas Sale Agreement (GSA) with Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL – India) for supply of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) through its Jagdishpur-Haldia-Bokaro-Dhamara Natural Gas Pipeline (JHBDPL -II). The company has invested more than Rs. 27 Crores for execution of this environment friendly project. TRL Krosaki is the first company to use PNG from JHBDPL Phase-II piping distribution of GAIL(India) Limited.

After obtaining required statutory clearances, the use of Natural Gas has started in different thermal units successfully. With this, the company has now become the first refractories company in India which uses natural gas as a fuel in high capacity and high temperature tunnel kilns and furnaces. Besides reducing the overall Carbon Dioxide emission, this initiative also will help in eliminating and minimizing safety hazards,  generation of solid and liquid wastes,  air and water pollution associated with storage, handling and burning of conventional fuel. It is estimated that, with this conversion the company would reduce CO2 generation by around 50,000 MT per Annum. In addition to the above, the project would also benefit the organization by way of ease of maintenance, stabilized and consistent firing for improvement of quality of products and improvement of safety as bulk storage of fuel is not required for it.

TRL Krosaki, a frontrunner in prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability, has been recognised at several Indian and international forums for its unwavering efforts to bring significant improvements in the areas of Air Pollution Control, Water Pollution Control, Hazardous and Other Waste Management, Biomedical Waste Management, E-Waste Management, Green belt coverage, development of Biodiversity, Reduction in Carbon Footprint, Waste Reduction, Recycle and Reuse of Raw Material, Rejections, etc.  This project reflects the company’s reaffirmation of its commitment for upholding environmental sustainability in the long run.


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