Education Tour Enhances Students’ Learning Experience held

Jharsuguda : In a bid to enhance their practical knowledge and understanding of various institutions, students of Government Upper Primary School embarked on an insightful Education Tour. Led by their Head Master Tapas Kumar Mishra, along with accompanying with school members Sanjay Panigrahi, Kalo Bhai, and teachers Padmini Panda, Puspanjali Padhi, Srotaswini Mishra, Gitarani Panda, and Sasmita Mohapatra, the students had a memorable learning experience.

The tour included visits to key locations such as the Jharsuguda Town Police Station, where students gained insights into law enforcement procedures and the role of the police in maintaining order and safety in society. Additionally, they explored the bustling Jharsuguda Friday Market, learning about economic activities, local businesses, and the significance of markets in a community’s livelihood.

One of the highlights of the tour was the visit to the Jharsuguda Government ITI (Industrial Training Institute), where students were introduced to vocational training programs and the importance of skill development in today’s job market. This exposure to real-world settings provided students with a practical understanding of how various institutions function and their contributions to society.

Tapas Mishra, the teacher accompanying the students, expressed satisfaction with the tour, emphasizing its role in broadening students’ perspectives and supplementing classroom learning with hands-on experiences. The students, in turn, appreciated the opportunity to witness firsthand the inner workings of institutions that play integral roles in their community.

Such educational tours not only enrich students’ learning experiences but also instill a sense of curiosity, awareness, and appreciation for the diverse institutions that shape our society.


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