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CCTV Footage Shows Robbery of Retired Army Officer in Laikera

Laikera: Surendra nath Pujari (88), a retired army officer from Kirmira, robbed of Rs 1.83 lakh in broad daylight on Thursday. The incident took place near the electricity substation near Laikera police station Behramal at around 11:30 am.

According to information, Mr. Pujari had withdrawn the money from Punjab National Bank in Laikera for some work. He placed the money on the front footrest of his scooter and covered it with a bag. A young man wearing a helmet then came and signaling to another young man who was waiting nearby. Mr. Pujari ignored this incident and took the scooter and left.

Near the substation, two youths on a bike came and told Mr. Pujari that his bag had fallen. Believing the young men, Mr. Pujari got down from the lane and when he looked back, two other young men came from the front side (Kirmira road) on a bike and took the money bag and fled towards Laikera.

The whole incident was captured on CCTV cameras. The police have launched a search for the suspects.

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