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Belpahar-Lakhnapur railway forum called off its protest after railway authorities promised

Jharsuguda: The Belpahar-Lakhnapur railway forum has called off its protest after the railway authorities promised to provide stoppages for four trains at Belpahar railway station. The protest started at 7 in the morning.

The railway administration officials from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh had a meeting with the Belpahar Lakhanpur Forum. There are four trains on offer at present. The remaining demands are expected to be met within 45 days.

As per the information available now, Kalinga Utkal Express, Bhubaneswar Lokamanya Tilak, Bhubaneswar Express, Howrha Ahmedabad, Howarh Express, and Shalimar Kurla Shalimar express will stop at Belpahar, and other Tata itwari tata express (2), Vishakpatnam amrutsar vishakpatnam hirakud express will stop in the future within 45 days as per the information.

Biranchi Sahu, the president of the Belpahar-Lakhnapur Railway Forum, General Secretary Hitesh Thakkar, Vice-President Sanjay Singh, Dilip Sai, Rajesh Shukla, Satya Mohanty, Gopinath Majhi, Sanjay Agarwal, and other members of the committee were present during the protest.

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