Bike-borne miscreants loot a bag containing Rs. 5 Lakhs


Jharsuguda: Two Bike borne miscreants looted a bag containing Rs. 5 lakhs from the staff of a transporter in broad daylight near Bombay chowk on Monday.

As per the complainant, Santosh Kumar Mishra, Transporter of Gandhi Chowk, Staff Dinesh Kumar Sahu, had gone to withdraw Rs. 5 Lakhs amount from Axis Bank near Bijunagar at Jharsuguda branch, after withdrawing the amount Dinesh had sat on his car and stopped near a Shop for his personal work, When he came out of his car with the bag containing Rs. 5 Lakhs rupees, two bike-borne miscreants had snatched the bag and had fled away from the scene. Dinesh tried to chase them but unable to catch him. He immediately informed me and later I informed to local Police Station. Someone might have been following him and committed this crime.

Jharsuguda Police official has launched a manhunt to nab the culprit .