Bicchoo Ka Khel’ Review: Divyendu Starrer & Syed Zeeshan Quadri is Full of Entertainment

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a promising revenge drama that mocks the legal system and tells the tale of a young man from UP. The series stars Diveyandu Sharma (Munna Bhaiya From Mirzapur) is the main lead role, the series also stars talented actors like Anshul Chauhan, Mukul Chadda, Rajesh Sharma, and Satyejeet Sharma. Ekta Kapoor creates the series.

The story of the series begins in Banaras. It revolves around two people, Babu and his son Akhil (Played By Diveyandu), Babu and Akhil work in a sweet shop, one-day police arrest Babu in the murder of Munna, a famous goon of the city. Now his people go behind Babu, due to which Babu and his son Akhil changes forever and here begins a thrilling and funny story, what happened next And why was Babu trapped?, to know the full story you have to watch the full series on Zee5 and Alt Balaji.

The best thing about the series is its brilliant and funny story, the way the dialogue of the series is written and the way the characters are presented is quite amazing, the episodes of the series are kept very short, and every episode has many such moments where you will have a lot of fun, along with the comedy, there is also a murder mystery which also maintains a thrill and suspense in the series.

While Bicchoo Ka Khel appears to be yet another revenge drama based on the people of UP, the streaks of comedy and quirkiness make it different from that. The acting flair of Divyendu Sharma is something that will keep one entertained throughout the film. It is a must-watch as the series is a source of complete entertainment.

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