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Scomm Trust organised Webinar regarding Benefits of Startup India and Odisha.

Scomm India trust organised an online event to share about the benefits of startup India and Odisha. This trust always looks forward to the development of the startup environment. Initially, the trust started with only 5 founders just a year ago. Where there are more than 100 startup founders and 20 above mentors from PMO and CMO including all primary members of most of the incubation head are members of this community

This event was organised to provide information about startup culture and various government schemes for the development of this culture in Western Odisha. The event was presided by Nishita, Scomm India and President of Scomm Saurav Khandelwal.

Prashant Biswal of Startup Odisha illustrated the growth of businesses with the joint support of Startup Odisha and Government. Gudipudi Krishna, Assistant Manager of Startup India also provided detailed information about the benefits. President of Scomm India said, ” In the upcoming future, we’ll keep on organising this kind of programs to connect with the ecosystems by providing government benefits to new startups for their business development.


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