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Local demands Development of Singhabaga lake which attracts thousands of migratory birds every year.

Singhabaga – The Bird Paradise of Jharsuguda

Jharsuguda : Jharsuguda which is known as an industrial hub of Odisha due to presence to large and small scale industries. But it also has several natural treasure trove which is unexplored and undiscovered. Among those, One of such place is Singhabaga freshwater lake at Singhabaga Village under Jharsuguda. This freshwater lake attracts thousands of migratory birds every year.

Though in Odisha everyone might know Chilika lake and Mangalajodi which is known for its migratory birds,  Singhabaga lake located at Jharsuguda is also the place where you can also spot thousands of winged guests closely. Due to presence of large Marshy swamps in this lake, this is the perfect home for the Migratory and resident birds during the winter seasons. This marshy water body attracts thousands of migratory birds during the winter months. Being situated at a secluded place, it offers a perfect and undisturbed habitat for avian visitors of myriad species.

This marshy wetland offers the perfect habitat for these birds as the lake abound in fish, frogs, snails and other aquatic creatures on which the birds feed on them.

Ornithologists, Bird lovers and the local residents of Singhabaga are now urging the local administration and forest officials to develop this Singhabaga Lake,  formed by the backwaters of IB river at Singhabaga village of Jharsuguda district.

”¬†This natural wintering habitat has a lot of potentials to be developed as a small waterbird refuge and a nature interpretation centre for public and especially for school children. At present, since the lake is unprotected, poaching of waterfowls is going on unchecked,” said Ashish Shukla, Wildlife enthusiast, Jharsuguda

“In the last few years, more than 36 species of birds were observed at the lake. Among the birds were common coot, lesser whistling Duck, Red Crested Pochard, purple moorhen, while breasted moorhen, water hen, common stilt, laughing dove, fan-tailed fry-catcher, Iora, Northern Pintail, Brown Pochard, Peasant crow, egret and cormorant.” He added

“Every year this freshwater lake becomes attractive with the presence of colourful migratory birds in winter seasons, we are lucky to see these birds in. We have heard recently that some company NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation ) will be taking their railway line over this place, which would destroy this natural habitat for a migratory bird. So, We requested District Administration as well as the forest officials to look in this matter and protect this natural treasure only for the migratory birds.” said Vipul Kumar Upadhyay, local resident of Singhabaga Village.

“Since many years these migratory birds visit this place, Even several people come and visit this place and we want that it should have a bird sanctuary especially for the migratory birds. Even for development of this place Rs. 2Cr. has been sanctioned under DMF fund but till date nothing has happened, even the forest department has not visited for any bird count which shows that they are neglecting this beautiful place. We demand the local administration and Forest officials to quickly take up this matter and fulfil this demand.” said Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay, resident of Singhabaga

”¬† Many types of Birds usually comes, we just demand that to conserve this place for migratory birds” said Dayanaidhi Rohidass, Local Singhabaga Villagers


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