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Jharsuguda : A 60 year old passenger on Tuesday had a closed shaved while he was trying to board a running train at Jharsuguda Railway Station.

The victim was identified as Rajesh Talwar (60) , a resident of Sambalpur.

The incident took place at 8:10 am when Train No.18005 UP (Samleswari Express) had just started from Platform No. 1 of Jharsuguda Railway Station. While the train had just started moving, a passenger tried to board B-2 Coach while catching the handle of the train but slipped and fell in the gap between the moving train and the platform No.1.

As per sources,  Rajesh Talwar had gone out of train to fetch a tea when the train halted in Jharsuguda Railway station, while his wife and daughter waited inside the train. After sipping a cup of tea, the train had already started moving. He quickly went near the his coach and tried to catch the train with one hand but unfortunately slipped down and had entered in between the gap of the train and platform. Hearing his cry, few passengers nearby had also tried to offer him  help but unfortunately he fell inside the gap.  After he fell off, already five coaches had crossed over him.

Meanwhile, An alert RPF jawan, named S.K. Mendali, who was present and had quickly went nearby and had instructed the fallen passenger to not to move and keep calm and stick wherever he is, when some passengers had pulled the chain and stopped the running train but miraculously he escaped unhurt except few slight injuries.

RPF and local passengers had rescued him and had given water and had also offered medical first aid after which he was again boarded in the train.

Jharsuguda Inspector RPF L.K. Dash said that,” A senior citizen who unfortunately fell inside the gap of the moving train and Platform No.1 of Jharsuguda railway station, A Railway protection force (RPF) Jawan,  who was on duty had seen the passenger had immediately rushed to help him and very professionally advised him not to move and stay calm, while the train was stopped and he was rescued  due to which the passengers life  was saved.”


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