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One Killed in a blast at Cracker Unit

Jharsuguda : A 25-year-old youth was killed after an explosion at a firecracker manufacturing unit near Mirdhadhera village under Brajrajnagar Police station on Thursday.

The deceased was identified as Susanta Dhurva (25), a resident of Junadihi of Brajrajnagar.

Preliminary investigation revealed that Susanta who worked at this unit had gone to open a godown of the cracker unit during which the explosion happened, however, the investigation is going on. said a police officer

As per the sources, the explosion was so intense that the roof of the pucca house was blown away and the building crumbled. The charred body parts were thrown nearly 200 metres away from the site of the explosion, the sources added.

” We heard a big explosion at 10.40 a.m. and rushed to the spot When we saw a building was collapsed and a person was killed. This factory was running for 15 years.  We demand that the police should investigate it properly and proper compensation should be given to the deceased family.” said a local villager Pappu Jena, a local resident

“The deceased had entered the godown of the unit to clean when all of the sudden blast has been triggered. Due to which whole godown building crumbled and killing the youth on the spot.  As per Preliminary enquiring, only one person has been killed. Forensic teams have been called into the spot. The unit has been operating for 15 years. We are verifying, whether this unit had the necessary license to operate this unit. We will investigate from all the angles. ” said Jharsuguda S.P. Aswini Kumar Mohanty.


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