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Rengali MLA Sets Example of Humanity & Selflessness, Carries body of a poor woman to funeral

Jharsuguda : Ramesh Patua, a BJD MLA from Rengali, Sambalpur district has set a great example of humanity and selfless service after the politician turned pallbearer for an old woman who had died on Wednesday night at Amnapalli Village under Kolabira Block.

The 65-year-old woman is survived by a 75-year-old husband and use to live on the verandah of a shop owner Jeevardhan Sahu of Amnapalli Village. The old couple had come to this village in the year 2016 and use to live here since then, they use to live by begging.  After her death on Wednesday night, there weren’t enough people to carry his body to the crematorium and perform the funeral rites, as the local villagers were reluctant to take the dead body for cremations.

After being informed about the situation by the local villager to the Rengali MLA Ramesh Patua, stepped in and became one of the pallbearers.

He along with his two sons also came forward and took the initiative to cremate the body as per the rituals and carried old woman body to the cemetery and took the lead in preparing the chit a stretcher-like bamboo structure on which the body is taken to the crematorium.

“As soon as I got information, I along with my two sons reached the village. As none of the villagers came forward, as a human being, it was my responsibility towards the people I represent, it was the least I could do for her,” said Ramesh Patua

“I am no different from others. I may be an MLA but I am also a human being.,” he said.

“The old aged couple used to live here. They usually beg and run their livelihood. After the death of an old aged woman, no villagers to come forward to perform her last rites. But, after getting information Ramesh Patua, along with his sons came here in half an hour and as per the rituals they had taken the dead body becoming the pallbearer and had cremated the dead body as per rituals. We are very thankful to the Rengali MLA who had come and did this noble deed. We haven’t seen an MLA like him. ” said Balram Pandey, a resident of Amnapalli Village



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