Traditional “Sindur Khela” bids farewell to Goddess Durga at Jharsuguda

JHARSUGUDA : The Bengali community in the Jharsuguda Town bade farewell with the traditional “Sindur Khela” to the Goddess amid festive fervour as idols of Goddess Durga were taken for immersion on Wednesday evening.

The Bengali women dressed in their traditional attire thronged to the Pandal across the town for performing traditional farewell rituals like ‘Sindur Khela’ (Smearing of Vermilion) which marks the day when Bengali women dressed in traditional dress, smear each other with red vermilion, wishing a long life for their husbands and peace and prosperity for their families.

“Every year we apply Sindur at the feet of goddess Durga, seeking her blessings for the long life of our husbands and also enjoy the ‘Sindur Khela’ so that with the blessings of the goddess the coming year is a happy for our family,” said Rituparna Sarkar, a devotee

“Right in the early morning we collect flowers and other ingredients like sweets to be used to bid farewell to the goddess Durga.” she added

Similarly, other Puja pandals in the town have planned the immersion in a bigger way, this year Shiv Shakti Mangal Bazaar Puja Committee whose immersion is on Friday have roped in various cultural troops from Bihar and Dance troops from Kolkata along with various other cultural artists for a grand procession.


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