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2 dead and 15 injured in a tractor accident, police van vandalized

Jharsuguda: Two person were dead and 15 were injured mostly women and girls in between 14-15 years, when a tractor plunged 10 feet down a bridge near Sarasmal Village in Bagdihi under Jharsuguda District. The incident took place around 12:45 P.M. in the afternoon when the women who were engaged in construction of road at Sarasmal village and were heading towards home for a lunch break.
According to Sources, around 12.45 P.M., the workers of a construction company mostly belonged from a nearby village Kheriakani had been going for a lunch break at their home in a tractor driven by a teenager Shibham Oram (15yrs), on the way, due to unbalance, the tractor plunged into 10 feet down bridge in which two were dead, one women Chima Oram (48yrs) who died on the spot and Sunafulla Oram (16yrs) who succumbed to her injuries on way to Dist. Hospital. About fifteen were injured in this incident mostly women and teenager girls. Most of the injured have received severe head injury and bone fracture. On hearing the accident news the villagers of Kheriakani had rushed to the spot and had not allowed police personnel to lift the dead body and set blaze two bulldozers of the construction company and had damaged Police Jeep along with motorcycles and the camp of the construction company in anger.
Ramu Oram (40yrs), Laxmi (48yrs), Saila Kishan (15yrs), Ekka Kishan (15yrs), Rukamani Kishan (15yrs), Rekha Kishan (15yrs), Nadiya Oram (27yrs), Latasini Oram (14yrs), Sukanti Rohidas (16yrs), Jema (16yrs), Mina Oram (15yrs), Subhasini Oram (16yrs), Sarojini Oram (15yrs), Lilima Oram (15yrs) and Sunita Oram (40yrs).
All of the injured were immediately rushed to the Dist. Headquarter Hospital and had been under treatment.
Jharsuguda S.P. Dilip Deo Said that “On receiving the information, Bagdihi police personnel had rushed to the spot initially and have shifted the injured to Dist. Headquarters immediately meanwhile when they tried to lift the dead body of one of the victim who died on the spot the villagers had attacked the camp & vehicles of the construction company along with police jeep in anger. However after proper investigation, it will be dealt as per the law”.


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