Assembly Committee concerned over Polltuion in Western Odisha

Jharsuguda,5th January 2013 : Pollution of Jharsuguda and Sambalpur along with western Odisha is a great concern for the state and is has become a very necessary to control this. Before up-coming Vidhan Sabha this committee would revisit the industries of these areas. “If the established industries would not control this pollution then a strong action would be taken” said by Committee President Debasis Naik and Committee’s member Jitu Pattnaik to the industries officials.

For controlling the situation, this committee would submit a report to state government which was informed by the committee members. Vidhan Sabha Pollution Committee has come on 3 days inspection tour of various industries at Sambalpur, Jharsuguda and Sundergarh . The Committees consist of president Debasis Naik (MLA, Bari ),under  his supervision  Sarvbasri Jitendra Pattnaik (MLA,Champua) , Suberna Naik (MLA, Keonjhar) , Nabin Nanda (MLA, Dhenkanal) and Bijay Naik (MLA , Karanjiya).

These committee members had first visited all the industries of Sambalpur after which they came to Jharsuguda at 2.30 P.M. afternoon.  Yesterday morning, the committee members had first visited HINDALCO Plant and its Ash Pond after this they visited Shyam Metallic’s, Aryan Ispat , Bhusan Steel and Power , Viraj Steel  and visited their respective Ash pond.

The Committee members have shown their dissatisfaction over the pollution control measures taken by the industries.  “Ash handling is not done properly because of which this pollution hazards are more” said by MLA Nanda.

After Sambalpur they reached Jharsuguda and first visited Vedanta Aluminum Plant. They have taken around of plant and Debasis Naik , Committee’s President had inaugurated the Water treatment Plant. As cited by VAL this treatment plant would recycle 50,000 Liters of water per hour.

The Committee members had planted trees in the plant premises. After this they had inspected SMC at Hirma. MLA Jitendra Pattnaik had questioned SMC Officials over the Pollution Controlling Measures. He also added the officials of SMC to take immediate adequate measures for controlling pollution.  Before Vidhan Sabha , the committee would revisit the industries said by the committee members.

According to MLA Jitendra Pattnaik , 100 TMT capacity plant should uses 2 Back Coal Filter but the industries having 600 TMT capacity are using only single Back Filter  which is the main reason for pollution.

Like that only, MLA Nabin Nanda had questioned the plant officials why the plants had not been planted on the both side of roads.

Company’s Vice President Puneet Bindlesh said that for controlling pollution they would take all measures as suggested by the committee.

After this Committee had visited CONCAST MAX and had spent hours in discussion with the plant officials and had directed officials to take necessary steps for controlling of pollution.

The Committee has cited a great concern over the increase of Pollution at Jharsuguda. MLA Jitendra Pattnaik said that from the industrial area to Jharsuguda Town. Situation of Pollution is very grim. MLA, Jitendra Pattnaik said that “District Administration and State Government should give a highest priority to this sensitive issue and should take necessary steps”. He added that in Jharsuguda there should be a Regional Pollution Control Board.

Jharsuguda MLA Naba Kishore Das had also joined with the committee members and reviewed the Pollution controlling measures at Concast. He had also shown dissatisfaction over the Pollution controlling measures by the local industries.

Along with this committee, Dist. Collector Bishnu Prasad Sahoo, ADM Rabindra Nath Mishra, Sub- Collector Pradeep Barik. DFO Ashwini Kar along with Officals of Regional Pollution Control Board was present.

On the Second day of this inspection, these Committee had visited Action Ispat , MSP Metallic and TPSL Plant. As per the schedule they would be go to Sundergarh by 11. A.M.


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