Rasta Roko for filling of pot-holes on roads leading to NH-49


Jharsuguda: On 11th July around 10 a.m. the local public of Beheramal had jammed the road with their bikes and scooters just for bring notice to the authorities of roads which are in a bad shape and putting the commuters to inconvenience. This road which connects Jharsuguda Town to National Highway 49 is the main route where most of the passenger buses along with thousands of people travelling every day to the various government offices like court , Collectorate etc have to face a lot of problems. The present condition of this road has become worst and no authorities have taken pain of taking precautionary steps to fill these huge potholes before the monsoon which have resulted in turning this into large potholes making life difficult for the commuters.

The road was remained blocked for almost 5 hours. Locals were stern and demanded immediate steps should be taken.

Dist. Administration along with JE of NH officials rushed to the spots and have assured that the works of renovation would start within 2 days. Minz, DSP Fagua Singh, Amitav Panda , OIC US Maharana along with many police officials were present.