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JCI Jharsuguda Queens Hosts a Cancer Awareness Day Event with Dr. Sephali Agrawal

 Jharsuguda :  In a concerted effort to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention of cancer, JCI Jharsuguda Queens organized a talk and rally on Cancer Awareness Day. The event, held at Café 11 on 4th February, witnessed the active participation of JCI members and non-Jaycees alike, with the highlight being an informative session by renowned Gynecologist, Dr. Sephali Agrawal.

Dr. Agrawal, a respected MBBS professional specializing in Gynecology, led an engaging discussion on the various aspects of cancer, focusing on causes, precautions, and early detection methods. The session proved to be highly beneficial for attendees, providing them with valuable insights into safeguarding their health.

During her presentation, Dr. Agrawal emphasized the significance of regular screenings and adopting a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer. She addressed a variety of questions from the audience, particularly from the women in attendance, ensuring that everyone left with a clearer understanding of the measures they can take to protect themselves against this pervasive disease.

The Cancer Awareness Day event organized by JCI Jharsuguda Queens and led by Dr. Sephali Agrawal undoubtedly made a significant impact on the community, contributing to the ongoing efforts to combat and prevent cancer. The organizers expressed their gratitude to Dr. Agrawal for her invaluable contribution and commitment to spreading awareness about this critical health issue.

As the community continues to benefit from such informative initiatives, the hope is that more individuals will be inspired to prioritize their health and actively participate in creating a cancer-free future.


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