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Important Notice for All Mobile Users: Emergency Alert Test Coming Soon

Bhubaneswar: This morning, trial signals alerting mobile phone users to approaching emergencies are being sent by the Indian government’s Telecommunication Department in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority.

Kindly do not become upset if you receive one of these signals. They serve as a test group to determine the emergency signal system’s effectiveness in the case of a real disaster.

All mobile phones in the country will receive the signals, regardless of the network operator. A pop-up message and an audible beep will accompany them.

These alerts will provide crucial details about the impending crisis, including the type of disaster, the areas it is affecting, and instructions on what actions to take. For example, people can obtain advance notice in the event of storms, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Since August, there have been seven trials for emergency signals, including this one.

Today, the state proudly ended the experiment. The deputy director general of the Telecommunication Department, Pandey Vijay Bhushan Prasad, said, “We have looked at how important information can be shared with the public ahead of future disasters.”

People should maintain their composure and follow the directions in the emergency signal message, should they receive one.

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