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Jharsuguda Police trace 201 stolen & missing mobile phones, returns them to their owners

Jharsuguda : Jharsuguda Cyber Cell successfully tracked down 201 stolen and missing phones worth 20 Lakhs. After verifying the documents, the mobile phones were returned back to their original owners by Jharsuguda Superintendent of Police Rahul Jain.

This initiative was taken by Jharsuguda SP and launched a Whatsapp Helpline to trace Lost and Missing Mobile Phones on last June month, where a person in Jharsuguda District can report his or her lost or missing mobile Phone details by simply filling out a form with details and sending that information to a Whatsapp Helpline Number 7381809877. After which the Police officials with the help of Cyber Cell Jharsuguda able to trace the mobile phones and hand them over to the Owners.

Jharsuguda Superintendent of Police said, “On 10th June 2022, we started this drive to trace missing mobile phones. We had received a total of 413 complaints out of which we have been able to recover 201 mobiles worth approximate Rs.20 Lakhs. Out of 201 mobile phones, around 100 mobile phones have been recovered from within the Odisha state while around 50 mobiles have been recovered from Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Maharashtra.

Earlier, we had issued a WhatsApp helpline number for the people who are not able to reach the Police Station. The people had registered the complainant through the WhatsApp helpline number and we have recovered it. On Tuesday, we handed over the mobile to all the mobile owners. In this drive, we have registered 7 cases and forwarded four accuse, we have taken action on stolen phone cases. However, most of the cases were regarding phones which were either left by the owners, or it was lost.”

“I would once again request the resident of Jharsuguda if your mobile phone, is lost or stolen or it is missing, then you can report to the nearest police station or you can send the details through our WhatsApp Helpline number and register your complainant and We will try our best to track that mobile phone and will hand over to you, he added

This citizen-friendly initiative has been lauded by the owners of the mobile phone and also the local resident of the Jharsuguda district.

“My phone was lost on 13th May; I had kept my mobile phone on my vehicle outside my home and it was lost. After which, I registered a complaint and suddenly yesterday I got a call from the Police station that my phone has been recovered, I have come here to take it. I am feeling very happy, I am proud of my police.” Said Smita Shah, a resident of Jharsuguda Town.

“My mobile was stolen at Sundergarh, I had complained at Sundergarh Sadar Police station and then it was transferred to Jharsuguda Sadar Police station. I had lost hope of getting back my mobile phone but when I got a call from Police officials that my mobile phone is recovered, I just want to thank the police department. “Namita Patel, a resident of Ekatali

“It is a great initiative taken by Jharsuguda police as in today’s era a mobile phone is most essential for a common man and if it is lost then common man suffers a lot and face a lot of difficulties. I once again thank the police department.” Said Pawan Sultania, a local resident of Jharsuguda


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