Jharsuguda : Villagers of Kolabira block under Jharsuguda Districts are spending sleepless nights because of the Jumbo menace.

The Jumbo has destroyed around five houses in Siriapali and Gudigaon Village under Kolabira block.

The five villagers, whose houses were damaged were identified as Makardhaj Patel, Mukesh Podh, Judisthir Jhankar, Santhalal Badi of Siriapali Village under Parmanpur Gram Panchayat and one Saudagar Patel of Gudigaon Village under Kolabira Block.  

“It has become a regular problem for us as wild elephants come every year and destroy the house and eat the paddy kept for sowing in our village. Yesterday night two tusker had come to our village at  around 9.30 pm, when local villagers and forest officials jointly together had driven back the tuskers back into jungle. But at late night these tuskers again came back to village and had damaged several houses,” said Makardhaj Patel, Siriapali village under Kolabira block

Jharsuguda Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Lalit Kumar Patra said, ” I have received information regarding the tuskers who had strayed into the Kolabira block. However, our staff and range officer have been actively working to track the elephant. To keep away the elephants we have deployed two elephant Squad, elephant tracker along with night patrolling is going on. Till now, as per report I have received five houses in total have been partially damaged, and everyone will receive compensation as early as possible as per guidelines.”