Jharsuguda gets a Community Fridge, to Provide Free Food For Needy


JHARSUGUDA :  A two voluntary organizations on Sunday 15th December installed a community refrigerator in front of Hotel Yogendra, Main Road to feed the hungry people of the industrial town. People who have surplus food can donate to the food bank fridge instead of throwing it away.

The initiative is taken by organizations Jharsuguda Round Table (JRT236) and Jharsuguda Ladies Circle (JLC126). They named the community fridge initiative as Annapurna. The motive of the initiative is to eliminate food wastage and fulfil the food requirement of the needy people. We want everyone to be so privileged that they don’t have to spend their entire day and sleepless nights because of hunger because food is a basic need and wasting it is not a wise option, said Krishna Khandelwal, Chairperson Jharsuguda ladies circle 126.

Himanshu Khandelwal, chairman Jharsuguda round table 236 Said” Residents staying nearby, Local restaurants, and anyone who feels to contribute towards this noble cause can donate unsold food, excess leftover food instead of throwing it away. Anyone can call and request the donors for additional food during a shortage, People can also donate money to help partner members to keep food in the fridge & even give donations in memory of a family member or a friend, he added. The Hotel will look after the daily affairs of the Annapurna project.

This community fridge was inaugurated by Dipali Das, Officials representative of Odisha State Health & Family Welfare Minister Sj. Naba Kishore Das. She also requested the people of Jharsuguda to come forward and join the noble cause and contribute towards it. The inauguration was held in Presence of National president of ladies circle India Cr. Nidhi Gupta, Area 16 Chairman of Round table Tr. Suresh Tulsiyan, Area 16 chairperson of ladies circle Cr. Manisha Tulshyan And other members 

As this is the pilot project, this organization have the plan to install more fridges at different places to help the destitute in future as per the response & requirement of the society. Presently it will be jointly maintained & managed by JRT236 & Hotel Yogendra