Jharsuguda school introduces water-bell to create awareness among kids about drinking water


Jharsuguda: Joyland Montessori School of Jharsuguda introduces ‘Water Bell’ to create awareness among kids about drinking water. This Water bells are breaks during which children are asked to consume water to prevent dehydration and urinary infections. This novel concept has been borrowed from the initiative taken in Kerala and replicated in Karnataka and Telangana. Even the District administration of Ganjam is introducing this Water Bell concept from 25th November.

Joyland Montessori School, Jharsuguda district, claims to be the first school to implement this concept in Odisha, on Dated 21st November 2019. They arrived at this decision after parents complained of children bringing backwater without drinking it.

Mignonette Maseyk, Principal of Joyland Montessori says, ” We have around 560 students studying at our school and Many parents use to complain us that their wards don’t drink water at all in school and bring back their bottles filled back. After suggested by one of the parents about this ‘Water Bell’ concept, We have implemented at our school from 21st November onwards. We have begun to ring water bells thrice a day during school time and after the bells rings, the teacher announces that it’s time to drink water. This has been appreciated by several parents and even children too. Drinking water is a good habit and due to this even many health issues can be avoided. I think every school should adopt this concept for the benefits of students.”

” My daughter who is studying at Class VI standard, usually come home with a filled water bottle and hardly drank any water. After repeated instruction also she never followed. After which I came across this ‘Water Bell’ Concept, which was being followed in Kerala Schools. Similarly, I suggested this to the School and soon after they had implemented this concept in their school too. Now this school have three water bell introduce and have been appreciated by everyone even the parents too. “said Prashant Nanda, parent