Jumbo Menace gives night mares to Villagers


Jharsuguda: A herd of 33 elephants are on the rampage at nearby villages of Kirmira Block under Jharsuguda District since Wednesday. Due to which the villagers of these areas are extremely in panic state.

According to the forest officials the herd, comprise of 24 adult and 9 child elephants. The heard is presently camped at Ucchkabahal Gramya Forest till Friday Morning.

According to the Jharsuguda Forest Range Officer Himanshu Shekar Muduli, These elephants had crossed Bamra Forest Division and had entered Sundergarh Forest Division last week. After that the herd has entered the Sundergarh Jharsuguda border, at first they had stayed at Kalopara of Kirmira Block under Bagdihi Forest range, then to Budapara and next to Khariakani village near Bhimjore.

In Khariakani, the herd has damaged three houses which were present near to the Jungle.

On Wednesday, a village named Malupada which is near to the jungle, as per the report, the herd had eaten rice bags and had destroyed banana crop nearby.

As per the complains received by the people , we are sending forester and Revenue officers for conducting preliminary enquiry and appropriate compensation would be given as per the Govt. rule

As per the instruction by Jharsuguda DFO Ashwini Kar , 42 staffs from five forest range office, Elephant Tracker, Watchers, Forester and Guards all together have been present and we think we will be able to send these elephants from our district within seven days along with the co-operation of the village people who are also helping us.