Tree mysteriously showering water drops


Jharsuguda: A tree commonly known as Baldiha tree (Sehada Tree) in local language, towering 30 feet high has become the talk of the Town. This tree has been showering water drops like a rain for past four days.

In Marakuta Village about four kilometers away from the Jharsuguda Town has become crowded as the villagers have been coming in numbers to witness this mysterious phenomenon, where a tree has been showering drops of water just like rain drops.

Past four days there have been no rainfall, since then the water has been falling from this tree, I could not understand why it is happening said by local villager, Chintamani Mohapatra.

The Villagers have been pouring tribute and taking blessing; on believe of having some deity presence in this tree. Once the news spread the women of the nearby villages have been also visiting this place and have started worshipping the tree.

Ballav Chandra, villager of Marakuta believes that there might be presence of some unnatural forces.

As the tree, has been mysteriously leaking water from its trunks and barks and the water drops have been showering like rain drops on the floor of the soil. No one tends to believe this incident and whoever has been hearing about this are flocking the place anxiously. People are standing underneath of foliage of tree and consuming the water drops as prasad.
Dist. Collector Niranjan Sahu said that We would like to request people not to believe in any rumours and we are sending a specialist team to find out the fact behind it.

DFO, Ashwini Kar Said that , There is no scientific cause for this, it may be some rumours but still we will visit the spot and look into the matter.