Jharsuguda : Mudhi(puffed Rice), which is known as one of the staple foods of Odisha, has now become a saviour for the common people of Odisha during this lockdown period. Especially, the citizens of the industrial town in  Jharsuguda have found this food item as essential in the household, to fill their stomach during an emergency.

” As there is lockdown and we are getting limited time to buy our groceries but we make sure that we buy our favourite Mudhi (puffed rice), as it is cheaper and also a stomach filler for everyone.  We eat twice a day, in the morning breakfast and evening snacks.  It keeps us hunger-free said local resident Biswa Ranjan Sahoo

” It is one of the favourite snacks for everyone in the household. As there is a shortage of availability of foods. So, we keep this Mudhi (puffed rice) as emergency food for our the children and other family members, whenever it is required then we eat this and kill our hunger. It’s just like a hunger saviour for us.” said Rajeev Ranjan, resident of Sarbahal

” Puffed rice is such food item that, it can be blended into various tasty food items by adding masala, Mixture, onion etc. Some of the places, they even eat with Mutton gravy also. It is one of the food items which can be used in an emergency situation.” said by Jitendra Sahu, a resident of Purnabasti

But due to lockdown, the Mudhi (puffed rice) Mill owner is suffering as their sales have been hit and prices of the rice have also been increased.

“We have been operating  Mudhi (Puffed Rice) Mill since 30 years in Jharsuguda, Earlier, we use to sell Puffed rice whole day but as there is lockdown I sell in between 6 to 11 am, as directed by the local authority. Due to which, it has hit the sale of puffed rice. Previous to lockdown, I use to produce 2 quintals of Puffed rice but now I am only making less than one Quintal. Our main bulk buyers were the street vendors who use to take on a regular basis but as street vendors are not allowed, the sale has been hampered. Only the local residents from nearby area, town, villages have been coming to take this puffed rice on a stipulated time only. 

Additionally, during the lockdown, the price of the rice has also increased by Rs. 200-300 per bag which has been hampering us as we cannot raise the price of puffed rice. I would request the government to look into the matter and provide some relief to Puffed rice mill owners of the state “. Said Vema  Reddy, Mudhi (puffed rice)mill owner, Jharsuguda 


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